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Road Maintenance


PMS Cemerlang Bina offers steel reinforcing overlays, woven geocomposite for reinforcement of asphalt pavements, woven geogrid for sub-base reinforcement, surfacing product for footpaths and driveways, solutions for failed surface dressing, fatty surface inhibitors, edge strengthening products, rut eliminators, and hard shoulder restoration. It also provides slow set emulsion, wet mix with anti-rutting, anti-skid surfacing, anti-skid treatment, pothole patch mix materials, and skid resistance surfacing.

In addition, the company offers road markings, catseyes, playground symbols, carpark markings, and hyperlines.


Our Type of Work

We have different type of work for complete our works effective

Surface dressing is one of the most widely used road maintance techniques in the world. PMS have specialised in contract Surface Dressing over the past ten years using cationic bitumen emulsion combined with high quality aggregates, modern equipment, experienced crews and a proven record.

Coloured Thermoplastic is an excellent durable anti skid treatment for all road surfaces. It is laid in a single layer and contains calcined bauxite aggregate throughout its depth, (usually 3/5mm, ensuring that new calcined bauxite is exposed as the surface wears.). Coloured Thermoplastic is laid at temperature of 160/170°C and has instant bond to surface though heat transfer to underlying surface.

A versatile and economic solution for road strengthening, Stabilised Wet Mix has mechanical characteristics equivalent to hot mixes and is suitable for reshaping and reinforcing flexible road surfaces. The material is manufactured by adding 5% bitumen emulsion to a tried and tested grading clause 810 wet mix macadam.

Our Brochure

Our 2018 PMS Brochure easy to read guide for all service we offered.

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