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Plumbing Works


PMS CEMERLANG BINA SDN BHD We can handle your plumbing repairs efficiently, and we also keep a deep stock of plumbing parts. Contact us today!

If you’re installing a brand-new bathroom or kitchen, you need a plumbing company that can get the job done right the first time.


Our Plumbing Services

We provide reliable & affordable solutions to most kinds of Plumbing Problems for Residential.

Residential is normally meant as houses such as terrace houses, bungalows, semi-detached houses, duplex, individual apartment and condominium units. Water is supplied is via a systems using conduits and pipes to each and every homes. From the water supply meter into the house owner’s land, the owner is responsible to ensure that the plumbing system is well maintained.

Failing to maintain the pipes and the system in the household can lead to uncomfortable situation where cases as blockages, leakages, water dripping and others. One of the ways to detect that there is problem in your plumbing system is by observing an abnormal high billing in the water supply for the house owner.

Commercial plumbing are related to public places and business areas. Therefore the utilities are opened to many people and all have different habits and practices. The pipes and plumbing system is one of the utility which often faced with problems and need special plumbing services and repair works. And often the works as massive as they have more plumbing units.

Regular maintenance is required to ensure that your customer or tenant are comfortable and satisfied with the facilities provided and you do not want them to leave with bad experience or memory due to bad plumbing system or facility.

Most plumbing services is not planned or not expected to happen and the repair works need to be carried out as soon as possible. We do not allow any plumbing emergency problems dampen your spirit. Delay in calling a professional plumber might increase the possibility of disaster in the home. Due to the wet environment or seepage in the area affected, it might cause the nearby furniture to be warping, destroyed or equipment to be spoiled and the after effect will cause mold to grow. Sometimes if the pipes are clogged and cause ponding in the ground or leaking from the ceiling, it will also affect your neighbours.

For emergency cases, we provide expedient response as we understand the severity of the problem, urgency and the immediate needs of the emergency plumbing services. These include providing the most up to date service as we are well equipped and understand the various requirements of different plumbing system.

Our Brochure

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