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Road Furniture


PMS CEMERALNG BINA SDN BHD is a company that supplies hardwares, safety tools and road safety equipments. We supply a wide range of products such as hearing protection, respirator protection, hand protection, head protection, eyewear protection, foot protection, fall protection, protective clothing, fire fighting equipment, arch flash protective clothing, marine & life jacket, etc.

In addition, the company offers road markings, catseyes, playground symbols, carpark markings, and hyperlines.


Our Type Road Furniture

The term "road furniture" encompasses all roadside objects used for safety and control of traffic in addition to those for assisting the driver.

Raised road markers typically reflect vehicle headlights, designating a path for drivers during low light conditions. Non-reflective road markers enhance and sometimes replace painted highway lines. Certain road markers alert drivers of errant lane changes with loud noise and vibration when in contact with vehicle tires. Temporary raised road markers delineate traffic lanes during construction or resurfacing projects.

Road signs are the most important type of road furniture. They guide and help control traffic. Directional signs advise the driver of distances and directions to towns and cities. Informational signs indicate the location of hospitals, gas stations, restaurants and rest areas. Regulatory signs, such as speed limit signs, indicate laws that drivers must obey. Caution or warning signs indicate hazardous or unusual road conditions like sharp curves, low shoulders or icy

Safety barriers physically stop or prevent out-of-control vehicles from leaving the roadway. The simplest are guardrails made of metal or wire rope. Heavy vehicle barricades withstand higher intensity impacts and greater weight loads. Crash cushions protect passengers from collisions into highway obstacles such as concrete construction barriers and bridge piers.

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