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Milling or profiling is one of the most common asphalt reconstruction methods today. As a matter of fact, you may have even caught sight of the giant machines and their operators on your way to the office or the supermarket without even realizing so. Asphalt milling is most commonly used to prepare parking lots, roadways, and highways for new asphalt installation. Haskell Paving, Inc. has come to be known as a pioneer in the industry with its state-of-the-art equipment and expertise.

Milling machines are environmentally friendly as they have provisions for transporting and storing the removed asphalt into a dump truck that takes them to the asphalt recycling center where they are recycled to make new asphalt. The milled surface is power-swept to get rid of all debris left behind from the milling process. The milled surface is then able to be driven on immediately until you are ready to install new asphalt.


Best Work Strategy

Milling is the solution to a pavement area that is filled with potholes and other damaged asphalt that cannot be resurfaced or overlaid. Milling is used to return parking lots and roadways to a fresh surface which can then be immediately driven on until you are ready to pave it.

Most people do pave the area as soon as possible. Milling is done quickly with minimal interruption to the traffic flow.

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